The Best of Plastic Surgery From Dr. Geoffrey Keyes

Los Angeles probably has the most Plastic Surgery Firms across the country, being home to glamour, dreams, fame and beauty. As more and more people consider undergoing plastic surgery regardless of age, race, and gender, it has also become risky for clients to choose his or her plastic surgeon as there are some who are offering services at a lower cost but are practicing illegally. So why not have the President of the California and Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons himself does the procedure? Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes, MD F.A.C.S. is a double board certified plastic surgeon. You have seen him in his numerous TV appearances discussing plastic surgery of course! After all, you deserve nothing but the best.

Dr. Keyes’ Breast Implants Los Angeles has one of the most positive feedbacks from clients. Dr. Keyes have years of experience and has honed his skills in making natural looking breasts. Incorporating new innovations in technology and modern techniques, results have always been more than satisfying. Before breast augmentation, Dr. Keyes discusses with his patients the condition of her breasts and his plan during the surgery. He never fails to inform his patients of what to expect after the surgery, like the incision sites and what happens during the recovery period.

Being a Head and Neck Surgeon for over thirty years, Dr. Keyes proves to be leading in Los Angeles Face Lift Los Angeles Plastic Surgery procedures. Upon your initial visit to his clinic, he shall make an assessment and will present his recommended procedure for you. He presents possible procedures as minimally invasive as possible, unlike other surgeons. After the procedure, patients are to stay in their care for recovery under close supervision. This is how Dr. Keyes handles his patients, with utmost care and is hands-on in monitoring his patients’ recovery. The Los Angeles Facelift procedure effect is expected to last for ten years or so.

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