Why Teens Choose to Have Plastic Surgeries

Normally, teens do not choose to go through a drastic change with plastic surgery. However today, times like these have changed. Reports show that the reasons from that of the teens differ from those of the adults. Teens see this option as a way to fit in the crowd and to give the impression that he or she is accepted by peers and their friends while adults typically turn to a Los Angeles plastic surgeon to stop the signs of aging and usually for enhancement.

In America, statistics show that those teenagers who are younger than eighteen opted to go through surgery and increasing from 306 thousand from the year 2000 to a whopping 333 thousand the last survey in 2005. Some of them consult the help from a plastic surgeon to correct a deformity or what they see as an alteration and disrupts with the normal self-image. An example to this is a guy manifesting gynecomastia or what he has is excessive breast tissue that usually doesn’t disappear with time so they opt to have a reduction breast augmentation Los Angeles in California. Another one is when a girl or a boy is born with a birthmark on the face and then when puberty kicks in, they become self-conscious. They would choose to have it removed with a laser-removal. Other teenagers decide to have a cosmetic surgery because they are not happy with the way they look. While facelift Los Angeles is uncommon, an otoplasty procedure sure is.

It is a surgical procedure done to pin down the back of the ears that tend to stick out. Another common one is a dermabrasion, done to smoothen out or conceal some severe acne scars. After these procedures then most of them feel satisfied with their choice and successfully boost up their self-image.

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